Makeup for your modeline.
Stack-based API for Hydra
Leverage org-mode for Emacs bookmarks
Call Babel code-blocks from Elisp
Target Org-mode headers in Elisp
A Lojban dictionary built with Helm.
My NixOS workstation configuration
Flexible static-content generation.
Allows you to specify hooks when changing directories
Declarative logging that uses tag sinks instead of log levels
An object system for building declarative configurations in Python
Graphical Docker client in your terminal
A small commandline utility for working with gists
JSON RPC WebSocket server for Twisted
A recursive template-grammar library for Python for procedurally generated text
A Twisted/Fabric based centralized task-scheduler for clusters
Library for writing class-based declarative model systems
Quick SQL reports from YAML
A utility for executing commands against remote SSH hosts in parallel
A screen record and capture tool built with Rofi.
A TADS 3 prototyping and build system
An ECS-based game-engine for Nim
Advent of Code 2017
Code examples from Concurrent Programming in ML by John Reppy ported to F#
All things literary
All things film and cinema
A distilled overview of the Lojban language.
A distilled overview of the Lambda Calculus
An introduction to the ancient game of Go