Dustin Lacewell

Senior Software Engineer
2017 to 2018

Operated and developed internally-made AWS-hosted infrastructure services (offered to company engineering teams) including CI, orchestration and instrumentation. Software stacks included Django and Flask web-services deployed as Docker containers with with Dart front-ends.

Docker Inc.
Automated Build Engineer
2013 to 2017

Designed, implemented, tested, deployed and maintained DockerHub's first "Automated-Build" service single-handledly for over a year. Built with Twisted, Django and Redis and deployed on Linode, this was one of Docker's only paid offerings for a while.

Lead the design and helped the implementation of the second iteration of DockerHub's Automated-Build service. Built with Celery and Django on AWS with automatic internal TLS, availability-zone fail-over and auto-scaling.

Lead the design and helped the implementation of one of the first orchestration projects at Docker. A YAML driven cloud-agnostic orchestrator that used a cloud-specific driver to provision and deploy infrastructure and services in Docker containers. A far cry from modern orchestrators but had some interesting features. Was used to deploy the second version of the Automated Build service mentioned above.

Imaginary Landscape
Software Engineer
2010 to 2013

Worked in various capacities maintaining and developing both new and existing sites for a range of client types. In both team-based and solitary roles, executed the entire Django web-development cycle including design, implementation, testing and deployment.

Worked as an advocate for modern development practices, internally, including the use of DVCS like Git, standardizing testing and integration policies, improving techniques for configuration management and automated provisioning and writing documentation.

Mobsav.com (defunct)
Software Engineer
2009 to 2010

Sole developer of a hyper-local coupon mobile-marketing platform built upon Django, Geo-Django and jQueryMobile technologies. Responded to rapidly changing functionality requirements and hard deadlines. Quick iterative development cycles while working closely with branding designers and clients.

Northern Illinois University
Frontline Administrator
2007 to 2009

Single-handedly designed, implemented, and launched departmental intranet Django web-application to replace a number of stand-alone legacy desktop tools, solve automation problems and coallate data-sources.

Performed campus-wide tech related customer-service. Managed the issuance and tracking of internal work-orders and trouble ticketing. Executed work-orders such as updating DHCP pools, account maintenance and other remedial office tasks. Much formal customer-service training and client interaction.